Loveable animals create 5 unbeatable properties

#1 Loveable animals in a variety of natural colours

Alpaca is a luxury that nature gives to us. Alpaca wool is the only natural fiber that occurs naturally in 22 different shades of colour. Alpacas are extremely sensitive, loveable and also intelligent animals. Because of their peaceful character Alpacas are also used in animal therapy. The animals have developed over the course of thousands of years to protect themselves from the extreme temperatures in the Andes mountains where in 3000 m height it can be extremely cold in winter and very warm in the summer. The Alpaca coat, therefore, has unique thermal properties to keep the animal warm in winter and cool in summer. 


#2 Wellness for your skin

Alpaca wool is silky, soft, durable, and insensitive to pilling. Under a microscope, Alpaca has a very smooth surface. The luxurious softness feels extremely cosy on your skin. Alpaca adapts to your body temperature after a few minutes.

 #3 With unique thermal properties

The Alpaca is so unique because it has a semi-hollow fiber. Alpaca fiber is feather-light and ensures a optimal heat balance on the skin. It allows to breathe through the fibers on warm days, and likewise trap body heat in cold weather. Compared to other natural fibers, Alpaca offers an excellent heat-weight ratio, so lightweight and yet warm.


#4 Best suited for people with allergies 

Compared to sheep wool it contains almost no lanoline wool grease. Alpaca is best suited for people suffering from allergy, rheumatism, arthritis and poor blood circulations and it's also good for pain patients.


#5 Self-cleaning and hygienic

Alpaca fiber is largely self-cleaning and therefore always has a hygienic, fresh and clean effect. The fibers are so smooth that dirt, smell and bacteria can only adhere very poorly. If you still like to wash them, wash hand-warm only.