Alpaca hug soft toy - handmade in Peru with real Alpaca wool


Hug me! Super soft Alpaca toy hand made in Peru by Inkari, hypoallergenic, allergy-free. They are a favourite for both kids and adults due to its irresistible super softness and cute smiling face.

Alpaca is a luxury that nature gives to us. Alpaca wool is a silky, soft, durable fiber with unique thermal properties. Alpaca feels extra soft and cosy on the skin. 



Small 23cm, Medium 32cm



Different colours available ecru, beige, light brown, brown



Handmade in Peru 



Alpaca fiber is largely self-cleaning and therefore always has a hygienic, fresh and clean effect. The fibers are so smooth that dirt, smell and bacteria can only adhere very poorly. Clean dry with talc powder and brush.


Alpaca hug soft toy

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