SANDRA Small Mochila bag handcrafted by Colombian Wayuu women

These mochila bags are handcrafted by the Wayuu women in the North of Colombia. Making these mochila bags with love is part of their tradition and selling them for a fair price is sustaining their villages' economy. 

Each bag is unique and takes about 10-15 days to be made. The Osonuchi strap is handmade in different colors and designs that match with the body color.

Wayuu mochila bags' colourful patterns and long straps make them perfect for all seasons. They are popular for a day on the beach, for travels around the world, for a BBQ with friends, for a city shopping trip,... It's an ultimate all-season basic.



Dark blue, Ecru, Red, Orange






13x15cm, as this product is handcrafted dimensions can vary slightly



100% handcrafted in Colombia - Fairtrade


Colour Ecru/Dark blue/Red/Orange, 100% handcrafted in Colombia - Fairtrade

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