Stone pine liquid soap, with BIO sheep milk and essential oil from the stone pine (Arve, Zirbe, Zirbelkiefer, Pinus Cembra)


This pleasant and relaxing liquid soap is made by Florex in Austria with BIO sheep milk and stone pine essential oil (Arve, Zirbe, Zirbelkiefer, Pinus Cembra). Its unique fragrance evokes memories of a walk in a fresh forest, soothes the senses and has a positive influence on human health.

Pines grow at an altitude of between 1800 and 2200 meters. Oils from coniferous woods like stone pine are generally considered to be cleansing and clarifying. BIO sheep milk is known for making your skin soft and supple. Stone pine essential oil has an antibacterial effect.



- Relaxes body, mind, muscles and joints at the same time. 

- Relaxing, good sleep, promoting concentration, anti-bacterial, skin rejuvenating

- Helps against bad odors, kitchen odor, tobacco smell. Stone pine essential oil has an antibacterial effect.



Made in Austria by Florex


Stone pine liquid soap with BIO sheep milk

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