Stone pine room spray, 100 ml, with 100% pure organic essential oil from the stone pine (Arve, Zirbe, Zirbelkiefer, Pinus Cembra)


Stone pine room fragrance with 100% pure organic essential oil creates a restful room climate and has a calming and sleep-promoting effect.

Following centuries of tradition, our organic stone pine essential oil is gently extracted by water vapor in the Austrian mountains from the crushed parts of the Swiss stone pine. Pines grow at an altitude of between 1800 and 2200 meters. These alpine altitudes guarantee the excellent quality of our stone pine oil. As fuel for distillation, the pine residues from distillation are used, so the cycle closes and we receive a high-quality product without any fossil fuels in the production: A pure natural stone pine oil. For the production, remnants of the wood are used (smaller branches, branches with needles and cones).

Due to the slow growth process of the stone pine, the important active substances can be built up in sufficient quantities. 

The properties of the oil are derived from the ingredients, coniferous woods are generally considered to be cleansing and clarifying. 



- Helps against bad odors, kitchen odor, tobacco smell or the smell in seldom used rooms. Stone pine essential oil also has an antibacterial effect.

- Anti-moth effect.

- Relaxing, good sleep, promoting concentration, anti-bacterial.



Made in the Austrian Alps from 100% pure stone pine wood, needles and cones


Bio stone pine essential oil fragrance room spray, 100 ml

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