Sleep well kit - Stone pine


Sleep better with this kit consisting of:


1 x Stone pine pillow (17 x 24 cm or 22 x 30 cm) - filled with 100% pure natural untreated Swiss stone pine wood chips called "Zirbe, Zirbelkiefer or Arve" (Pinus cembra).  The pillow has a zipper.

1 x Fragrance diffuser ball - filled with 100% pure natural untreated Swiss stone pine wood chips.

1 x Stone pine BIO essential oil (10ml)


Put a few drops of essential oil on the pine wood chips for a more intense fragrance.


Scientific studies confirm that the natural odor of Stone pine wood improves sleep and mental performance. 

Zirbe (Stone pine) is growing in the Austrian, German and Swiss mountains only in a height of 1800m. Its wood is characterized by a unique fragrance, that evokes memories of a walk in a fresh forest, soothes the senses and has a positive influence on human health. 




Made in Austria.

Cushion: cotton or linnen, filled with 100% pure untreated Swiss stone pine wood chips, made in Austria.

Cushion filling with stone pine wood chips: 

- 100% Swiss stone pine wood from Austria

- purely air-dried

- sieved and dedusted

- Premium quality class 1



Sleep well kit

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